Hello world outside of rowing!

I decided to start a blog for any friends and family who are interested in following my journey into the sport of rowing.  I’ve found it extremely difficult to keep up with friends and family since moving out to BC and working full-time and rowing in the mornings and evenings.  So hopefully this will restore some type of connection with you guys until I resume a more balanced life.

A brief summary to bring you up to date:

I moved out to BC in Nov, 2008 to pursue a job with TD Bank in Victoria.  When I got offered the job with TD, I was told there were opportunities in Kelowna and Victoria.  I chose Victoria because in the back of mind I knew that the Canadian men’s national rowing team trained there and I wanted to try the sport.  After 4 years of playing football at McMaster University I had recurring injuries that limited my ability to pursue contact sports at a high level.  I enjoyed the challenges of competing at a high level and turned to rowing as my next pursuit.  I met my first coach, Doug White, in Victoria who introduced me to the basics in the winter of 2009.  Doug coached me right up until this past Christmas.  With his coaching, I was able to do well at the 2010 national championships in the single scull ending up in second place.  This earned me a recommendation from Rowing Canada to train on the national team full time.  As of January 1, 2011, I joined the Canadian national team training full time.  I won a bronze medal the following summer in the men’s 8 at the World Championship in Bled, Slovenia.  Now, I’m training hard for the Olympics this summer in London.

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6 Responses to Hello world outside of rowing!

  1. Julia Brown says:

    Yes! Im so glad you started this… keep the posts coming! : )

  2. Uncle Richard says:

    Jerry!! Jerry!! Jerry!!

  3. Gabi & Ruediger says:


    As I wrote to your parents – I am (and we are) deeply impressed. We wish you the stamina to face all challenges and possible setbacks. Hope to see on the screen in 2012. Think of what Pierre de Coubertin said.

    Keep on trying!

    Gabi & Ruediger from Krefeld / Germany

  4. Beate, Bernd, Timon, Jannis, Lennard Zimmermann says:

    Jeremiah, we are so impressed!!! And also we are very proud having such a sportive person in our family! We wish you the best- and: there is still a live beside and after rowing!!!
    Take care, Beate and Bernd and your three german cousins Timon, Jannis and Lennard
    We will come to London to see you in 2012!!!

  5. Jenny Brown says:


    Thanks for starting this blog 😀 You are truly an inspiration! Keep up the good work!!

  6. peter dunn says:

    hello jerry… cheering you on from Cobourg … doesn’t seem that long ago that we won the all-Ontario hockey in South Porcupine/Timmins… and now we’re watching you in London on tv…go jerry!

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