I just had an interesting meeting with our team’s nutritionist.  She said I’m only consuming half of the calories I need to be consuming for my body size and the intensity of training we do.  This probably explains most of the problems I have been having adapting to the increased work load.  Those blisters probably wouldn’t be nearly as bad if my body wasn’t starving for calories and nutrients.  So, I just went to the grocery store to up my game in a big way on the nutrition side.  I need to be getting upwards of 8000 calories a day to keep my body healthy and injury free.  Looks like I’ll be bringing back old habits from when I was trying to play on the offensive line for the Marauders and get my weight and muscle mass up.  For example, eating shakes with 4-6 raw eggs (not advised), milk, corn flakes, berries, bananas, protein powder, and just about anything else on hand.  I don’t have time to eat 8000 calories in solid foods, so liquid meals will be a necessity.  I don’t handle dairy very well these days, so I am using coconut milk in a smoothie I just made and it is a great substitute.  Hopefully this will give me a boost for weights/erg coming up at 3pm.  Cheers!

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3 Responses to Nutrition

  1. Joanne Hincks says:

    Great blog! It is nice to see what you are up to. Take care.

  2. Joanne Hincks says:

    Great blog! It will be nice to keep up with you. Hope all is well. From the photo of your hands and the fact that you need to eat 8000 calories a day, it sounds as if you are working pretty hard.

  3. Julia Brown says:

    I hope your hands are getting better… that would be extremely frustrating and painful, but you can work through it!!!! : ) Raw egg shakes sound very nasty…. but enjoy! Have fun at the training camp this week!! Miss yah.

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