California Rowing Camp

We arrived in Rancho Cordova (near Sacramento) yesterday. We’re here for a 7 day rowing camp. The idea is to have everyone in a very focused environment away from the distractions of home. The area is beautiful and the weather is nice. I was very relaxed yesterday with the change of scenery, but it’s going to be a tough week ahead. We just finished the first workout and I’m about to head down to the lunch buffet to stuff myself. My sweeping is getting better everyday, so I’m pretty happy with that. It’s nice to sit down with all the guys over meals and get to know everyone a bit better. Everyone is very competitive obviously at this level, but we still have to work as a team to push each other.

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6 Responses to California Rowing Camp

  1. david says:

    Hey, Jeremiah,
    Wonder if you know another rower from Hamilton. He’s a student at UBC with last name Gage. His father Brian Gage is an acquaintance of mine and I understand his son is right into the rowing scene.

    Hope you have a great week in Sacramento.

    • brownj24 says:

      I don’t recognize the name. Maybe I’ll run into him at Elk Lake if he goes to one of the rowing canada development camps.

    • Brian Gage says:

      Hi Jerimiah
      I willl try to jog your memory.
      You were both at the National Rowing Championship. Robert rowed for Ontario in the under 23 pair with Rich Love. Congratulations on your silver medal and most impressive times. Robert rowed for Leander with Aubry Oldham whom I believe may have coached you.
      Guess you were named after your grandfather.
      Best regards
      Brian Gage

  2. Joanne Hincks says:

    I hope the week is going well Jeremiah and I hope they are feeding you well!

  3. Julia Brown says:

    I hope your week is going well in California! so proud of you and think about you everyday bro!!! you can do it!!!!! 🙂

  4. Jacquie & Jordan says:

    Game On! Very much enjoying your blog and the insights you are sharing. Living vicariously through you on this journey will be awesome. Full speed ahead!

    Jacquie and Jordan

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