Rowing Camp Wrap Up

I got back to Victoria late last night.  My body held up well and I made some good progress with my sweeping during the camp.  Overall, I think it was a great camp for the team.  The picture to the right is a training session we did in an 8 a few weeks ago.  It’s cold and wet in Victoria right now as it was for that training session, opposite of the great weather we had all week in Rancho Cordova.  I’m back to cooking my own meals just as I had grown used to a buffet provided 3x daily.  I have been relying a lot more on trail mix and smoothies to bridge the bigger meals and keep my body fueled to try to get up to that 8000 calorie range.  I’m not there yet, but maybe in a few more weeks.  Highlights of the camp include rowing some strong pieces in the four with my teammates Kevin Kowalyk, Mike Wilkinson, and Josh Morris and listening to my fellow athletes debate the merits of scientology over meals.

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2 Responses to Rowing Camp Wrap Up

  1. richard says:

    your great great grandfather Eames always maintained that one never discuss sex, politics, or religion in public. sage advice. carry on with the calories! loons in the river in Port Carling and hopefully trout in Lake Jo next w/e when your Dad shows up

  2. Julia Brown says:

    great to hear! miss ya!

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