Rowing in the Snow

Today we got a foot of snow in Victoria on a day we were scheduled to do time trials to test our training progress.  My old corolla is not capable of driving in the snow so I called one of my coaches who lives near by for a ride to the lake this morning.  When it turned out that his car wasn’t going to get us to the lake either, we called another coach to pick us up.  We got stuck a few times and I had to get out and push the car up a hill at one point.  This was all pretty annoying considering I was about to time trial in the single with little to no warm up time left by the time we got to the lake.  We had good water for half the time trial and then the wind whipped up causing a lot of frustration amongst the team.  It’s hard to row well in those conditions in the single, but it’s important to do it because you never know when you’ll have to race in tough conditions.  At times I was just hoping I didn’t fall in.  All of us are expected to be able to get back into our boats within 30 seconds if we flip.  You don’t have much more than a minute or two before your limbs get sluggish in the cold water, so it’s an important skill to have.  Lucky for me, I’ve had lots of practice getting back in my boat after falling in many times when I first started to row in 2009 (so don’t worry mom!).

Frolicking in the snow with Ethan after the morning row.

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