Elk Lake Spring Regatta

This past weekend was the Elk Lake regatta in Victoria.  The Canadian training center usually enters a few boats into this regional regatta to show support for the community.  I wasn’t scheduled to race anything, but there was a last minute scratch by the U of Victoria crew in the men’s open double event so I put my name down and went to find a partner.  The only person who was game was Patricia Obee -a light weight woman training out of the center with us.  We ended up coming 4th out of 7… not too bad for a mixed crew in a men’s open event.  There’s not much footage of us in the video.  It splits between the men’s 8 event and the men’s double event.  We’re in 2nd furthest lane away from the camera at the start with a bit more footage of us at 3 mins in or so.  My teammates Fraser Berkhout and Mike Wilkinson won the event.  The pic to the left makes me look like a giant against Patricia’s small frame.

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2 Responses to Elk Lake Spring Regatta

  1. Julia says:

    hahahah you do look like a giant compared to patricia… funny! nice form… i bet with another male you would have won it. (but very impressive that you and patricia came fourth!!) she must be really good.. anyways keep up the great work !!!!!

  2. Fraser and Mike says:

    I don’t think so Julia.

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