A Typical Full Day…

  • 6am – wake up, eat breakfast, pack gear for the day
  • 7am – out the door 17 minute drive to the lake
  • 730am -launch boat for first row (usually a pair these days)
  • 930am – off water, change, eat and drink quickly
  • 10am – get physio and do stretches and core stability work
  • 11am – launch boat for second technical row
  • 1230pm – off water, change, go to fellow rower’s nearby house to eat, stretch, and then nap for an hour or more.
  • 3pm – head to the gym for weights workout
  • 4pm – ergometer workout
  • 530pm – go home!
  • 630pm – eat first dinner
  • 830 pm -eat second dinner
  • 9pm -relax, read, watch part of a movie
  • 945pm -snack before bed
  • 10pm -go to bed
  • 430am -wake up hungry, eat a protein bar
  • 6am – do it all again
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3 Responses to A Typical Full Day…

  1. david says:

    Sounds pretty normal to me….you must be getting fat with all that laying around from 10-4:30am.

  2. Joanne says:

    That is a rigorous schedule! Do you get one or two days off a week??

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