First Taste of International Racing

One more day to go here in Luzern at the third World Cup.  We started the regatta in disappointing fashion with a third place finish in our heat on Friday.  Friday night and Saturday morning were difficult for me on a psychological front -and I imagine also my teammates- as we have high expectations for ourselves.  We responded well today by winning our repechage and getting into the A final.  We are the last race of the day tomorrow facing off against USA, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, and Great Britain.  We have gained confidence from our performance today and will try to increase our racing standard again tomorrow.

One of the happiest moments I’ve had in a long time was seeing my son, Ethan, at the finish line with my mom and my dad.  I did not expect to see them until the final tomorrow, so it was a sweet moment for me to see the three of them cheering us on from the shore of the Rotsee.

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One Response to First Taste of International Racing

  1. John Hayden says:

    Congratulations Jeremiah. I was pleasently surprised to find out that you were representing Canada in the Men’s 8. To learn that you and your crew won the silver medal was awesome!!!!
    You have certainly had quite a sports Odyssey since your days on the basketball court at Hawkins.

    Well done!

    John Hayden (former basketball coach)

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