World Championships Approaching Fast

We have been training hard since our return from Lucerne trying to find all the extra speed we can muster heading into Worlds. I’m personally feeling stronger than ever and I’m looking forward to racing again. We’ve added Malcolm Howard to our boat, which will give us a big boost. Malcolm represented Canada in the Men’s Single event the past couple of years and ranked amongst the few fastest scullers in the world. He was in the gold medal-winning Beijing eight and has returned to the eight to strengthen it heading into Worlds and, ultimately, the Olympics.

With summer in Victoria comes the water skiers and various other pleasure craft causing a lot of wake on Elk Lake. It makes it difficult to row, but can also be viewed as good practice for choppy conditions that may occur during competition. Quite frankly, it pisses me off. My athlete irritability syndrome has been through the roof this last week and even today as the extra wake has contributed to on and off back issues. But, there’s nothing you can do about it -it’s not always peachy out there. When it gets crappy you just have to keep it simple, stay relaxed, and not get too frustrated with the odd bad stroke. Anger can be a great motivator, but it takes a skillful rower to put that anger through the blade with quality blade work. I’m working on it :).

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One Response to World Championships Approaching Fast

  1. David Brown says:

    Hey Jeremiah..thanks tons for keeping us up to date..saw the video of you in the 8’s in Lucerne..great job..but can’t you rig up a little jet engine attached to the shell underwater to generate some more speed?

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