Olympic Training Year Underway

We’ve been back to full time training since the beginning of October. The time off after worlds was a much needed break from rowing. I tried to maintain some of my fitness by bicycling and playing pick up hockey at the University of Victoria. Some athletes like to continue training even during the post World Championship break, while others like to take the time off completely or do something else. I found doing something else was a good way to unwind mentally. Now, having been back at it for a month, I’m glad I did. Starting up again in a tough training program is always a shock to the body. Your tendons get sore, hands get shredded up again, and you feel that sluggishness that goes with being tired most of the time. At the same time, I’ve had a great month of training and I feel stronger and faster than ever in a short period of time.

The team will fly back to Welland, Ontario on Tuesday to prepare for the National Championship Regatta being held there from Nov 9-13. I have been training with Andrew Byrnes in the pair and we have made good progress together in a short amount of time, so I am excited to show our speed on the water next weekend. Although our focus is on the Men’s 8 at the Olympics, the National Champs is a small boat regatta meaning all competitors must compete in either a single or a pair.

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