Beast Mode

I will eat your children

This is a funny picture taken during our 6k test a few days ago. I can explain the foaming mouth! You see, I just started taking a BCAA supplement and this foam seems to be one of the side effects when I start breathing hard. That said, I can’t explain anything else. Like why I look possessed, angry, and hungry for human flesh. I have always thought rowing can bring out the worst as well as the best in someone and that right there is a glimpse of my dark side.

Every 6 weeks we do a round of testing including erg, and on water time trials to measure our progress. We had a lot of guys setting a good standard from this first round of testing. I was not sure what my 6k erg time was going to be. In the past I have done a lot more erg workouts leading up to a 2k or 6k erg test and I usually know within a few seconds where I should be based on my training. This time around we have been training a lot more on the water and so I wasn’t so sure what split (time/500 meters) I should be hitting. I ended up being a bit conservative at the start and then negative splitting -reducing my 500m split time by a second each 2k and then again in the last 1k before a final sprint.

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One Response to Beast Mode

  1. RowerCanada says:

    What was your 6k time? Are you guys working real hard on the water and on the erg?

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