California Camp Take 2 and Outbursts and Passion

The team is back in Ranco Cordova near Sacramento for winter training camp.  This is where I cut my teeth sweeping last year and it’s nice to be back.  We’re training hard in the eight, fours, and pairs.  It’s back to the usual psycho babble that comes with draining yourself in the morning and then trying to find energy to drain yourself again in the afternoon.  I have truly conditioned myself during the past year to focus on one workout at a time and living in the moment.  If you think too far ahead, it’s easy to become discouraged with the workload and lose your focus on the immediate workout.  My athlete irritability syndrome is fairly mild right now, although I did have a bit of an outburst at the end of a training run just a couple hours ago.  Mike (my coach) asked me what caused me to lose my composure and I didn’t really have an answer for him.  It didn’t take long to get it back and refocus on the next run.  Different coaches and athletes have different opinions on the firey and passionate athlete and the inevitable flare ups that come with that kind of personality.  I think they’re fine from time to time, but they can hinder your performance if you allow yourself to get tunnel vision on the negatives instead of what’s going well for you.  Speaking of passion, my dad sent me an interesting essay by Hume on passion and taste:  I like that first paragraph -it’s probably true about a lot of us.  Hume was a smart guy, but he probably never got his heart rate above 160 once. 

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2 Responses to California Camp Take 2 and Outbursts and Passion

  1. RowerCanada says:

    You guys dont do any sculling?

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