2K Erg Test

Our M8+ group just finished a 2k erg test earlier today.  We had a great team performance with a lot of powerful guys showing their stuff.  When you have a solid team performance with every guy putting forth fast times with many personal bests it builds tremendous confidence within the boat.  

I executed my plan for this erg test and I am satisfied with the result.  I think in hindsight you always think about different points of time during the test which could have been better in some way.  You start asking questions like: Would it have hurt me to go a second faster per 500 meters?  Did I go off too hard, or not hard enough?  Did I sprint too soon, or not soon enough?  I don’t think there is a correct answer to these questions as everyone likes to approach the test slightly differently.  Some guys like to hold a more manageable pace through the body of the test and then really hammer it down at the end to improve their score as much as possible.  Some, including me, like to get into a challenging pace that we try to maintain for most of the 2k with an emptying of the tank somewhere between 200 and 300 meters to go.  The sweet spot (or I-hate-my-life-but-I-can-survive-this-spot) is finding a pace that you can barely maintain, yet still gives you confidence to keep attacking when you come off it a bit in the later stages of the race.

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4 Responses to 2K Erg Test

  1. Just out
    of curiousity, do you rowers have music to pace to, or ?

    • Jeremiah says:

      There are at least 2 guys in our boat that regularly listen to music during erg workouts. I can’t remember if they have the music in during a 6k or 2k test, but it wouldn’t surprise me. When we do longer 10k training ergs the music is a good idea. If I was more organized, I’d probably listen to something -maybe even an audio book!

  2. brockRower says:

    what kind of preparation are you doing before the 2k? (eating,sleep, what are you thinking about) and what is your average spm you keep ? and i would like to know what was your score but pretty sure you are not allowed to tell haha

    • Jeremiah says:

      In the days leading up to the 2k I will do something like the following: 4 days out: 4x1000m at or above race pace, 3 days: 1000m, 750m, 750, 500m, 2 days: 1500m (race sim, should be hard, building confidence), 1 day: rest maybe a 2x250m sparker. Rate varies from guy to guy. On the erg, I’m usually at 32 or 33 spm -some guys are quite a bit higher. Eat lots and eat well the whole week leading up to test.

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