On the Podium

Hard-fought silver medal for the team

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3 Responses to On the Podium

  1. Gabi & Ruediger says:

    Hi Jeremiah

    Congratulations from Gabi, Ruediger, Jan and Katharina here in Krefeld! We have deep respect for your personal and your team mates’ achievement! Pain is temporary, pride is forever!
    Super job you have done!
    We must admit that we were a little torn before the final. Should we (being German …) stick by the German team or by your team (being friends of your family)? We decided to enjoy the race and to wait for the strongest team to give us the answer.
    When we watched you and your team after the race cry out your pride and your ecstasy about the silver medal we thought you could not have shown more enthusiasm had you won the gold medal.

    Enjoy this moment and the experience you have made – it all will fore sure last for eternity!!!

    Tomorrow, we will be meeting your family here in Krefeld and we are looking forward to seeing them all and to hearing about their exciting week in London.

    Best wishes from us all, we are excited to learn if you keep on rowing or ….

    Yours Gabi, Ruediger, Jan and Katharina

  2. Andrew Stewart-Jones says:

    Hey Jeremiah,
    I just wanted to say how inspirational it is to see you win the silver medal. I am 22 years old and just started rowing 3 months ago with the row to podium program. I am learning the same way you learned, by rowing a single every day. You have really shown what can be acheived in only 3 years! Keep up the good work, I hope we’re rowing together in Rio.

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