Keeping the Body Primed

Since the Olympics I have been training on my own off the water.  I’ve had chronic tendonitis in my left hand for almost a year and I’m taking time now to get it healed.  This means a hiatus from erging and rowing. I have been doing a daily routine for the past month or so that I like to call the daily burn.  You can check it out here. I’ve also started playing hockey again once a week -now I remember why it’s my favourite sport.

It’s funny how physical adaptation is so predictable sometimes.  You start something new that the body is not used to, it complains for the first week or so, then it gets better, then it gets worse again, then it gets better for longer, finally if you stick it out it starts to feel very natural.  30 days seems to be a good short term commitment to test a new training/exercise routine.  I like the daily burn I’m doing because it’s intense, short, and measurable.  I time myself from takeoff at the beginning of every workout and I try to improve my time every workout.  I try to simulate (by the last set) what I feel like late in a 6k erg test or at the 1500M point in a race.  Some days are better than others, but the point is to feel the burrrrnnn.  I feel this routine is keeping me primed for more intense training when ready and serves as a nice maintenance program.  Even if you’re not an Olympic athlete, this workout is useful beyond general fitness.  It will improve your vertical; I was playing ball at the Y with my son yesterday and found that I can now slam dunk again.  It will improve your aerobic power; great for hockey, rugby, basketball, and just about every other sport with an endurance component.  It will keep your body mass in check; what’s the point of having muscle mass if you can’t move it?  Top-heavy gym monkeys may impress other dudes in the men’s change room, but athletes know muscle mass without purpose is just slowing you down.

I try to keep the ad updated regularly, but to be fair to anyone who does read it and try to follow it I don’t make it easy.  I usually post the time I’m going and location the night before or the day of the workout.  To be honest, I do it primarily as a tool to force myself to go even when I don’t want to.  There could be one person who shows up and I would feel pretty bad if someone took the initiative to come out and then found I wasn’t there.  See you tomorrow (sometime, to be updated later tonight!).

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